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Linux Podcast Setup

249.99 USD
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Linux Podcast Setup

249.99 USD

Are you a GNU/Linux user that wants high quality audio from equipment natively compatible with Linux for a decent price? Maybe you've seen all-in-one microphones that promise to deliver the same. We've tried them all and settled on this setup. All of the equipment is natively compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as well as many other current distros. The setup is modular so when you decide to make an upgrade in headphones, or a microphone the rest of your setup stays the same.

Kit includes

- (1) Microphone

- (1) Mixer / USB Audio Interface

- (1) Headphones

- (1) Microphone Table Stand

- All necessary cables

If you are a sharp eyed techie and you're trying to identify the make and model numbers of the components used, don't waste your time. We didn't assemble this kit to make money. Shoot us an email sales (at) altispeed (dot) com and we'll be happy to share what we used. It is assembled here on our site for those that want simplicity.

If you are a JB viewer that regularly contributes valuable content on LUP please contact us for special pricing.

*Subject to verification from Mumble mods.